Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The last entry........

I am officially changing blog sites so this will be my last entry on Gluten Free Heaven. I will leave the blog up and running as I do get a few hits each day. It has been fun and I have enjoyed learning how to cook gluten and casein free. This blog records my evolution as I have learned different techniques and used some unusual ingredients. It seems my first recipes were clones of their gluten versions but as time went by I discovered new ingredients and methods as well as many foods from other cultures I never knew could be so fun. My goal was to share recipes to help anyone overwhelmed by starting this diet. I hope you have found something you like.

I am moving on to a new blog, this one is really for me. Life has become more than just cooking and recipes, I guess that is part of the process. At first you are totally overwhelmed and taking in as much information as you can get. Then with time you settle in to what works for you and as you heal you begin to feel better and life opens up to you again.

That is what my new blog is about! Check out Heal ~ Balance ~ Live

Thanks for everything,


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