Saturday, November 17, 2007

The best pizza so far.....

Gluten-Free & Wheat-FreeTraditional Thick-Crust PizzaRecipe

I have tried 6 or 7 pizza crust recipes, this is the one that we have liked the best so far. It came from Thanks for posting this, it has really been a life saver!

This makes a large amount of dough, I got 2 large and 3 personal size crusts out of one batch. I really like the texture of the dough with the millet and teff flours. It took me awhile to find both of these flours but it was worth the wait! (actually I never found millet flour so I ground some in my coffee grinder). In the pre-gluten days I rarely had white bread and I think the millet and teff give this crust a whole grain taste. I plan to experiment with these flours in muffins and breads. After the first baking I cooled the crusts and put them in the 2 gallon size baggies and froze them. Later I topped and baked them still frozen and they turned out fabulous! I still have a stockpile of pizza dough recipes to try and I will keep you posted if any of them turn out better than this one!

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Thanks, Karen


Sandii said...

I saw your blog on Silly Yaks, and decided to take a look. The Pizza crust and "wheat" bread, look yummy. Just one question. What is Glutinous Rice Flour? Is that a brand or a mixture. I only use Featherlite and Gluten free mixes from Bette Hagman. Thanks for your help! I'm excited to try them!

Gluten Free Heaven said...

Hi Sandii,
Glutionous rice flour is the same as sweet rice flour. In my Bette Hagman book it says you can also find it under the name Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour. I found it in the Asian market. Hope that helps!

Sandii said...

I think I downloaded the wrong pizza receipe, I made the Pizza crust- Batter version. But it was really good! It reminded me of the bread sticks from Pizza Factory. It wasn't too hard to make either. I just had to add more water. Thanks for the website! It's my favorite so far!